Thursday, May 31, 2007

change the channel, change the station

Picked these up while in Chicago

Some Antonio Carlos Jobim records. One of the few dudes that invented bossanova.

The new Hot Cross record. It's pretty good, could be more like Cryonics and less like Fair Trades and Farewells.

One of the best hip-hop albums of all time. A must.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

fast cars, speed kills

I just got back from Chicago today. I left last Tuesday at about 2, and didn't get back to Atlanta until 12 today. Here's what I saw!!!

The start of my journey. Me, Tomas, and Joe drove the Ryder truck up there. It wasn't too bad of a trip.

The sea of pigs.

Pigs getting dirty. Mmmmmm.

These are some shots from the Sears Tower. I took a bunch of pictures up there but only a few of them came out clear.

This is us fooling around with my camera while eating pizza. We ate too much pizza in Chicago.

Wheat pasters hit up Michigan Avenue right across from the Intercontinental. No big deal.

Alright, if you ever end up in Chicago and find this building, don't go in it. It was one of mine and David's worst experiences of our lives. It's a Turkish Bathhouse. We thought we were getting into something cool, but in we soon realized we were just going to be hanging out with a bunch of foreign, overweight, old, guys
with really red tans and tanlines from their speedos. I'd' rather be at a pig party.

What's good??

As we were walking to the Navy Pier, we were stopped by this entrepeneur. He was selling porno and hair trimmers. Which one did Nathan buy??

This is Ryan sittin sideways on the Wave Swings. Lol.

This picture is also lol. I think I have a good eye for art.

Jealous much? This trick won the hearts of many patrons in the fine establishment known as Bennigan's.